earthquacks moving california

there seem to be a apparent growth is earth movements in california

which is obviously coming together, and there are some parts of the
pacific ocean floor rose 1200 feet this year alone !

i ma saying also watch how the predictions of the shift of the ages
went on from the colossal collapse of the ancient times and how
the forced narrowing of perspectives ignited our “modern spirituality”

eventually there won’t be much panic as the shaking will increase

and they will (!) but in a gradual pace which will invite ALL to leave
before greater shakes..

we are looking at a rising in quacks which after humans and animals

have left the west coast, will become stronger and stronger.  eventually
some foresee waves of water higher than LA sky scrapers.
What i am saying to us is us, while struggling with the cabal for over
ions, we got used to defeats, so that our best spiritual advances showed
the eventual and undeniable failure..and make whatever you make of that
the overall prospects are suicidal. it was until this time !
you want to surrender to truth but not to human follies especially
when this is becoming so obvious, the hiding of these earthly changes
can not last forever and the necessary action on our part is
more inspiring than all our past lessons put together.
Blessing Oneness 

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